Sunday, November 26, 2023

Caring for my Indoor Plants.

 Firstly Thanks Janice for your reply. I am just going to ignore the threat for now and see what happens.( if my blog got wiped I'd start another one! )


 This morning as I often do, I have been caring for my indoor plants.I have lots.The peperomia obtusifolia seen here is one of the easiest to care for. It lives upstairs on the dressing table and gets plenty of light from the ranch-slider It does however get dusty and is time consuming to clean, so I took it down to the lawn and sprayed it gently with the rose nozzle on the hose. It is dripping of dry now..

  I have one position in the house which causes plants to sulk and degrade. It is on the side table inside the front door. The position. really needs a plant there but the light is very low. I leave the hall light on for it often but that is not enough. Sometimes I stand the plant in another room in the light but what I really need is a new plant ( or something else decorative ) that will thrive in low light. Are Aspidistras still available?  I know in my grandparents day that was the plant that stood in the near dark passageway.
 My maidenhair fern does well and also my several African violets and Calethea and Kalanchoe but more tricky to get just right are my Peace lilies.. The tips of the leaves go brown and I know it is either too much or too little water - that is hard to solve.
 What do you grow indoors ladies, that thrives for you?

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Janice said...

The good old aspidistra is definitely still available. I have three on my back verandah. They do live up to their other name if “cast iron plant”. It’s a pity I can’t send you one. LOL. The. Eat place for plants I. Our house is the bathroom as it gets lovely filtered northern light. I’m not the best with indoor plants but the zygomatic does well and gives lovely blooms in early spring. Apparently peace lilies are also good in low light.