Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Clickerty clack, Clickery clack......

No! Not the sound of busy knitting needles but my train trip !
Yep, I was a passenger on one of the World's Great Train Journeys ( says so on the pamphlet ). It was great fun and oh that rugged scenery. Guess where I spend almost the entire outward the very back of the train with my arm wound around a railing for safety; my camera at the ready. I'm really glad I did because the light was all wrong on the homeward leg.
The Taeiri Gorge Railway was build by hand over 100 years ago, cut through schiest rock, straddling deep gullies with wrought iron viaducts. What an engineering marvel.
We set out from the historic Dunedin Railway Station and climbed to 250 m above sea level to Pukerangi. ( means hill of Heavens ) We travelled through now almost deserted places called Slope Gully and The Notches and The Larches, Christmas creek and Mullocky Tunnel. Because it is now nearing Winter there was a mere handful of passengers on board that day so we had the run of the train. We met some lovely folk all enjoying the sunshine and different era transport. I will post more photos on the following blog just in case blogger drops some off. If you would care to have a look at Official website. Click on the view photos of trip on the right.

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