Monday, June 18, 2007

Lake Manapouri to Doubtful Sound. pt 1.

Come with me on the biggest day out of our holiday.

We left our deserted Hotel ( of my last entry ) and drove the 22 kms to catch the first leg of our adventure. At a place called Pearl Harbour at Lake Manapouri, we collected our packed lunches and boarded the Motu Rau along with only 10 other folk. ( Yes, they would still do the trip for just 12 passengers - lucky us ) The day didn't look promising it was dull, but we were assured that it would change several times in the course of the day - which proved to be true. We cruised across Lake Manapouri with the clouds misting around us, but could still see numerous small islands beaches and coves. It is NZ's 5th largest lake and was ground deep by glaciers many years ago.( 440 metres ). We all helped ourselves to hot drinks and got to know the other passengers - quite a mixture. As we reached the western arm of the lake the above ground part of the Manapouri Power Station came into view ( more of that later. )

We got off here at the visitors centre and boarded our bus for the journey over Wilmot Pass. Every now and then our most friendly, funny bus driver would stop for photo opportunities. He gave one of the best commentaries I have heard; just enough facts and lots of jokes. DH was the first to notice the unusual cooling grill on the back of the bus cut out in the shape of small Kiwis. The bus we discovered was made in Tauranga ( our area ! yeh )
( to be continued ) ( this all takes place on the very South West part of the South Island of New Zealand )

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molly said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday! Welcome back. The kiwis remind me of the only place I ever saw kiwis growing up---on the lids of shoe polish tins!