Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bloggers in Print!

Bloggers in Print!
Issue 60 of the New Zealand Quilter arrived in the mail today, I love that!
Inside amongst the many treasures are people I know. BLOGGERS!
The article "Speaking Out," shows Helen and Janice's "After the Party," quilt winner at Symposium in the Human Rights Challenge. Well Done Wanganui ladies!
Also we get Kirsty's Yo-Yo handbag and instructions to make it. ( Kirsty also has a website www.kirstenduncan.com.au )
That's so great girls.Thanks for also blogging so we get to become better acquainted and I think become on line friends all with a passion for things crafty.
This is a short post cause I'm off to make some coffee and read my mag! ( which I happen to think rivals any other overseas mag of the same type !!!) Well Done NZ Quilter. The covers are so different and varied - unique to NZ!


Unknown said...

I have to tell you I eat a lot of KIWI and if it isn´t from NZ I don´t buy it because they are the best. I saw in a post from April that you grow Macadamia nuts, I think they are the best. So I wish I could visit you and try your Kiwis and macadamia nuts!

Unknown said...

Love that quilt on the front of the magazine - reminds me of crystals

Helen said...

Hi Ali

Thanks for posting this. It is great to see people get credit for what they do (even if I do say so myself, lol.)

I think NZ Quilter is the best magazine. We are very blessed to have Ann and her team bringing us news of the quilt scene in New Zealand.

meggie said...

I love the look of that cover quilt too. And Kirsten's Yo Yo bag is fun. I have not seen the mag, I will have to see if it is available here.And it is always great to see people you Know!

Birdydownunder said...

Must look for that magazine. The kiwi fruit doesn't look so happy over here, everytime I see some, I think of you and the time and effort you put into growing and packing, and its a shame it doesn't stay that way. wish we could buy direct.

Suzi-k said...

Go Kirsty!!