Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Would Your Answer Be?

I received an email from a lady in Southern California, who is a log arm quilter, telling me she had found my blog while researching for a trip to NZ this coming Summer. I guess I tend to think only bloggers and particularly those who comment are my readers - it seems this is not so.....other people are reading them and we bloggers' sites are coming up on search engines.

What she wanted to know was would I tell her my favourites places to visit in NZ and what QUILT Shops should not be missed. Also were there going to be any Exhibitions on during Dec /Jan ? I will be writing back and sending some photos and info on local North Island places that I like. ( like Mt. Maunganui and a Kiwifruit Orchard - hehe )

She has been reading my blog for a while now so saw all the holiday photos I posted and is glad to report they are visiting some of those same places. Where else should they not miss. They have 22 days to go all over NZ. ( Not long really ) I had stopped putting South Is. holiday pics here cause I thought it had gone on for so many posts, but today I am adding 2 photos of Queenstown cause I am sure they will visit there. We liked it too. Oh there are so many places to go!
Now what I thought might work was if any of you who live in New Zealand, or have lived here or have visited here could add what you thought it might give a more rounded view. Will you help please?


Ali Honey said...

OOps, I think the lady is a long arm quilter - she doesn't have a wooden arm. Sorry.

Georganna said...

Actually, after about 8 hours on the quilter, I feel like I have a wooden arm!

Unknown said...

Those pictures are fantastic.

meggie said...

Queenstown seems to be a must! And of course, in the North Island, the Bay of Plenty & Rotorua spring to mind.
And my love of the city of Christchurch would include a stop there.
Your photos are fantastic Ali, never get tired of them.