Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Preparation for Quilt Exhibition.

Fine weather over the weekend and yesterday had me outside doing kiwifruit work and gardening; weeding a long shell path by hand cause the weeds had got too high to control any other way. So my eyes are sore ( I react to something in the garden and pollen ) and my hands don't look like a ladies hands should look - yes , I do wear gloves-but that's nothing new, they will recover. I was going flat out cause this week is going to be a busy one!

The group I belong to ( Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters ) is holding it's Annual Exhibition this Fri, Sat and Sun at the local Race Course. Thursday we spend all day hanging the quilts and doing the displays. The group owns it's own wooden frames for the quilts which have strips of the loopy side of velcro across the top. We have to present our quilts with a row of the fluffy side of velcro across the top. In the photo you can see the back of my blue quilt ready to go....... it's a good idea as the strips are just pinned to the quilt top ( no hanging sleeves required ) and that way can be taken off and reused. I had to make some new strips as well to have enough for the 3 quilts I am exhibiting . Our display this year is BAGS, BAGS and more BAGS...so I have 2 for that. ( we are going to cordon them off so they don't go walk about on someone's arm ).
As well we have to provide finger food to serve with cuppas for all the helpers and stall holders. I have made shortbread fingers and fruit balls so far. I will take some photos on Thursday if I get time and show you how it all looks. ( and of the show itself of course! ) Our venue is basic in some ways but very roomy and affordable. It is in 2 main halls connected by a passageway. Quilt Exhibition in the biggest and Traders' Mall in the other. So there will be time for retail therapy! Over the 3 days we divide the jobs up in 2 hour stints and take turns at being on the door, selling raffles, wearing white gloves or being a gopher. Although we have a lot of members not all are good at helping ( fairly typical ) so the committee ( I'm one of them ) will be busy! I'm not complaining I enjoy working with the other ladies. It's fun and very rewarding to see it all being looked at and enjoyed.
I have got a few more table mats finished in the evenings but have run out of cotton batting for them - I don't think wool or poly is suitable. ( they have to be washable and heat proof. )
Some replies to comments; Yes Sheila I do read instructions and can read instructions. ( I even read them on new appliances and the like ...one of my quirks....a good one I think. )
Yes, I did have a template for the table mats.( they need to be accurate ) I have a set of plastic ones I bought, 16 in all but they only go up in half inch sizes to 8 inches. I made the larger one by lying an ordinary ruler against each side and tracing in on to stiff card board. But for anyone making their own; because a hexagon has 6 sides it is very easy to make accurately by drawing a circle ( 360 degrees and divide it by 6 using a compass ) You make a pattern like a daisy flower with 6 petals - put a line where it crosses the circle and you have your 6 hexagon points.

If you see smoke on the horizon it will just be me over the next little while - going like the clappers!( on my broomstick! )


Unknown said...

That's a very clever idea for hanging your quilts with the velcro so you can just pin on the panel to the back of your quilt - does it work with the heavy ones - I so hate stitching on sleeves, yeuuch!

Unknown said...

Please show us pictures from the exhibition.

Ali Honey said...

Yes I will Gudrun.

And yes, Anne it does work with even King sized quilts. I'll try and take some up close photos to show you. It also makes levels adjustable if something isn't hanging straight.

Birdydownunder said...

excellent way of hanging, I hate rod pockets as well. Table mats are stunning. Am learning to be quirky ie read instructions line by line like you :) Good luck with the exhibition looking forward to the photos.

meggie said...

I wish I was in Tauranga, would go to the show with my beloved Cousin. I think she will be there.
The Velcro is a good idea!