Tuesday, December 01, 2015

My Little Treat.

 Today everything is wet so most of the day has been taken up NOT by sewing or Quilting but by paper work. So having had enough ( my head hurts ) I went out and picked myself the first feed of home grown Strawberries. R isn't very keen on them so I don't need to share.
 We stayed out of the orchard cause when leaves are this wet we get wet  My broccoli plants told me leaves are still wet.

  Does anyone else out there do GST returns for a business? For ages now IRD  have been sending me little printed notes with my returns to please consider filing my returns on line. I checked with my accountant to make sure Banklink that we use would allow it. It  will, so I took the plunge and went to the website. What a procedure ....making recordings for voice recognition; ( by saying silly things you wouldn't normally say )  having user ids' and passwords  - yes used to those but with this many letters and that many numerals - They have to be written somewhere or I would not remember them! 
 They said it would be SO much easier. For Whom? Them?
 I will persevere I always do but  why must it all be more difficult.?

 WHAT if the computer or phone systems go down...we are up a creek without a paddle.
 Do I sound   grumpy? I guess I am.


Mary said...

Oh wow Ali, those strawberries look so delicious - fresh, juicy and homegrown - what could be better!!
We have to wait months before another harvest around these parts - then we'll be out picking at the farms.

Happy week - you do sound busy.
Mary -

Sew Quilt Designs said...

I did all the same for on line to file GST and only did it once. Went back to the old way the next time as it all drove me nuts! Also because I didn't on line bank I still had to go into the bank to pay...getting older also doesn't help! Love the look of those strawberries :)

Pam said...

I would be grumpy too! Your grandson is beyond lovely!