Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Week that Flew By.

This morning we had our final  ( 2nd ) blow on of male pollen  using adapted leaf blowers and the female  kiwifruit are almost all set.  ( tiny fruit ) The weather has been perfect for the bees to do their job.
 On Wednesday and Thursday G & L came with their hydraladas and picked  almost 14 bins of lovely big avocados.  R and I did the ground picking. That meant I walked like a very pregnant lady for most of the day with the weight of a picking apron full of avocados around my neck. I tried to arrange it so I had to walk down the slope  to the picking bin, not up. Friday night and Saturday we had lovely RAIN. The timing was perfect!!!

Friday I went to my Patchwork group and we had Gail V giving her "Quilt Journey." For those quilters unfamiliar with this term, one person gives a show & tell of as many of her quilts and wall hangings etc as she wishes right back to how and when she got started. Gail was happy for me to share some of those quilt here. It is really useful if someone has moved to us from another area or group and we haven't seen all her quilts. ( some of you others may recognise her? )
She has so much fabric she ended up making 3 quilts in a similar design.

 2 kids quilts.


 We have been  busy planting after a trip to the Garden Centre and purchase of more punnets of young seedlings. R decided to place the 2nd Bumble bee box we got  at the back of the vege garden near his tomatoes. I have stood for ages trying to get a photo of the bumble bees coming or going. Here is one where you get the idea .
 This one below where it was moving too fast for me.
 The door way to the box is similar to a cat flap. ( can be closed if you want to move them or lock them in.)
At the moment I am enjoying theses snow peas.( My second favourite type where you eat pod and all ) ; the Whippa snapper ones which plump up are my favourites. I planted a 3rd lot of them yesterday.

 I am watching these closely too to time my first pick of strawberries.

 They are doing so much better than last year.

The rain made some of the roses a bit sad ( temporarily only )as the weight of the wet blooms made them droop. Not so these flower carpet ( apple blossom ) ones. ( there are also some pink alstroemeria hiding in there ) ( spell checker just told me I mean astronomers  )
 You can't even tell where I picked this bunch from.
 I'm back out to plant some silverbeet now . All the last lot are bolting as is the parsley so I renewed that too. It is delightful gardening on a brilliant sunny day here in BOP. ( try and stay in the shade ) 
I hope you are having a great weekend doing whatever.

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