Saturday, January 02, 2016

After a little Absence.....

It is already the 2nd day of 2016.  Happy New Year to All Readers of this blog.  May it be a happy, successful year for you. Since I last put fingertips to keyboard ( pen to paper so to speak )  much has happened.
    On the 23rd of December we squeezed in lunch out, to celebrate our 48th Wedding Anniversary. 
 The next day younger son and lovely wife and grandson came to stay (for 8 nights ). They went back home to the big smoke yesterday. As today we are getting much needed rain ( yes ,orchardists are always going on about the weather ) I can forget about putting washing out to dry or doing much needed garden jobs and catch up instead with photos and blogs and emails.
 Twice I got to take this and go off just Grandson and me walking, so he would sleep and give his folks a tiny respite.
 Look I peeped inside just for a few seconds to make sure all was well and he was in fact asleep. 
 You may notice that his first very full head of hair has gone and he is growing a second new lot.
 He moves his head a lot and has rubbed a bald patch across the back.too.
 Many photos  & little videos were taken.
 Here are just a few.

 During Grandson's stay we had other little people come to visit.
 Aren't these 2 wee girls adorable? The littlest one particularly wanted to hold and cuddle the baby and to have her photo taken many times. These 2 have an elder brother too who got in some photos .3 lovely wee children who are rellies of ours. Their surname is different but their Mum's maiden name was the same as ours.
 The children live here in BOP and the Grandparents live in Taranaki and were up babysitting and the great Grandparents live in Whanganui. Great Granddad of these girls was my head master  when I was a teacher at a country school back in the 1960. As often happens, I married while in that area and these girl's Mum also married into our family ( small world ) .
 We have had more visitors - too many to go into here but lovely to see all of them.

 One day we all fitted into Son and DIL's  new SUV  and went out to  their friends parent's place for lunch. It was a bright beautiful BOP Summer day and we have had lots lately. This is the view from their house .
 The Kaimai range in the background and just a glimpse of the sea. Notice also neatly trimmed orchard hedges and yes kiwifruit vines!

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Diane-crewe said...

how wonderful to have the "little" people with you ... they change and grow so quickly it is wonderful to have memories of them at this early stage xx Glad you got some rain .. we have plenty we could send xx lol x