Friday, January 29, 2016

Keeping Cool in Tauranga.

Yesterday part 1 of water supply repairs was happening here  at our place so I took myself off for most of the day to do messages and visit the inner city of Tauranga. As well as walking around shops I went to the waterfront to see what was happening.
 It was a very hot day and folk were cooling off in different ways.
 Just the kiddies and mainly girls were really having fun running through or standing over the water spouts.
 Bigger girls read good books under a tree.
 Not many walked for too long it was too hot.
 I hope this person didn't stay relaxed there for too long as she was no longer in the shade.

 Kids mostly have lots of energy to climb and slide and swing and explore.
 It wasn't long before Lynley Dodd's characters Hairy Maclary: Muffin Mclay; Bitzer Maloney; Schnitzel von Krumm; Bottomley Potts and  Hercules Morse were attracting attention .
 Is that Scarface Claw  hiding or up the pole?
  If you are visiting Tauranga soon be sure to take any little people ( and grown up ones ) to visit these Characters.


Deb said...

A nice, relaxing day for you Ali.

Julie said...

I think the Hairy McLary Park will be top on my next Tauranga visit list, still love those stories even though my two are tens now.