Saturday, April 23, 2016

Fruit & Sewing & Knitting.

 When we had surplus apples from our tree we started dehydrating them . We liked them so much and found them a very portable convenient snack that I have done some more.
 I am closely watching the persimmon tree. The wasps have already found it and are hollowing out unripe fruit. I will start picking some to ripen inside or they might win.
 At 5pm on Wednesday last I came to the very last Kiwifruit vine I had to do a final thin of rejects from. Yahoo!
 The kiwis are looking great and it is only a couple of weeks till picking time.

 Notice in the top left corner the holes in the leaves from the hail storm we had last November.The vines grew enough new leaves to carry the crop and we have had so much rain that helped too.

The rib stretched out to show the lovely wool.
 I have now finished knitting this vest for Grandson.

 I have also sewn him a potty warmer ( stop laughing! )
 His Mum got the idea from  this site.

 Finally I have joined the craze of the moment doing English Paper piecing.
 I needed a new hand sewing project to take to club and am making a table runner to start with. More about this as I progress. 75 % of the ladies in our P & Q group are EPPing at the moment.


Jennifer said...

A potty I've heard everything!

Janice said...

I love the photo of your kiwi fruit hanging from the vine. It does look like a great crop this year. As for the potty warmer, that's a different idea, but if it makes toilet training easier through the cooler months it's worth a go.

Raewyn said...

The one regret I have about travelling at this time of the year is that I miss the autumn harvest back home!! There should still be apples and late pears but the feijoas will be done by the time I return - happy that I had a bit of a feed before I left but I will have missed the persimmons altogether. However, lovely to see your photos! I have never heard of a potty warmer before - but it makes sense! And the jersey for your GS looks great. EPP is so much faster these days with modern techniques...and they are a perfect portable project - hope you enjoy it.