Sunday, April 03, 2016

Feijoas and Walnuts.

 Thanks for your comments. 

 I ended my previous post saying I was off to make a feijoa cake which I did. The recipe I used is available here.
 It turned out well. Basically a batter cake with topping  ( lightly cooked feijoas and chopped glacé ginger ) poured over the batter before cooking. To improve it I cut out  the sugar in the feijoa mix ( they were sweet enough )and if I make it again I would add double the glacé  ginger and mix half of it through the batter. ( maybe the topping doesn't need to be pre cooked ? ) ( maybe pickled stem ginger might be an option ) 
 When feijoa trees are dropping at this rate,
 making one cake doesn't use many at all.
 Still my favourite way......pick up from the ground, cut in half, spoon into mouth. That easy! 
A young friend maybe you Pam, said, forget the knife just  break them apart if desperate. Yes, I eat them cooked but for me raw is BEST! For my Aussie friends I am talking about pineapple guavas.

 I have done my first small pick up ( or off ) of walnuts for the season.
 This is the best of 3 trees we have. R has mowed the grass quite short to make my picking up job easier.
 Some of branches are low to the ground so I am able to collect the ready ones straight from the tree.
 Walnuts are a very  healthy food.(  I am sure feijoas are too! )
 Please keep your fresh walnuts in the freezer so they don't go rancid. Most walnuts available in supermarkets are already rancid. After I collect the nuts they are sun dried for a week before being stored or shelled.


Chookyblue...... said...

the cake looks great.........

notHamilton said...

That does sound like something I would say about Feijoa eating. I have colleagues that think they are only good for mowing over :( so I'm happy to hear of others enjoying them the right way.

Janice said...

Your cake sounds yummy. We had a feijoa tree at our last house, but it didn't seem to fruit, just lovely flowers which were a magnet for the little silver eyes. So nice to we the, in the middle of town.

Pam said...

Feijoa? New to me! Your grandson is BEAUTIFUL!

Julie said...

My neighbour just gave me a big bag of feijoas today, we have lived there for 10 years and never knew they had a tree. Hopefully we get lots more.