Wednesday, September 21, 2016

E Paper Piecing Millefiori Blocks.

Last weekend our P and Q Group  had Tutor Chris Keena from Wellington take 2 classes using English paper piecing to make her Millefiori Quilt.
 This is her quilt.
 Using sheets of paper she was showing us how we could make a smaller example to use as a cushion cover if we didn't want to make a large quilt.
 This quilt featured on the cover of NZ Quilter mag  # 79 ( some time ago now ). To her horror the printer had shrunk one of the pattern pieces to fit it on the pattern sheet - what was he thinking?
 Luckily those who tried to make her quilt from the magazine sheet let her know.( no consolation for those who tried and thought it was their mistake! )  She had with her the correct pattern pieces for us to use.
 This is the back of my first 2 parts. 
The front of one untrimmed.
 This is my colour scheme in my first block.  All the smaller yellow and green blocks are going to be the same on mine. ( they could be plain fabric as an alternative ) ( they could be all different too ) The rest of the colour scheme I am still mulling over. I am going to retrict my pallet somewhat.

 I will continue mine to at least this size marked in the corner by the papers.
 That means making 3 more completed squares as I have above.
Chris was a lovely relaxed Tutor to work with. I enjoyed her company & that of my class mates.

 I have also been knitting this garter stitch 8 ply charity rug out of unwanted older wool with some new bright stripes to give it a lift.

 I also found a pattern for a toddlers hat with ear flaps that was knitted on straight needles not circular. It is in 8 ply and a bit rough( compared to the lovely 4 ply merino I have been using )

 Depth wise it looks right but I think it looks far too wide. I need grandson to try it on for me. I now know how to do it so can adjust size ( or try 4ply and or smaller needles. ) 
 The rain is keeping me inside but I'm not complaining.
 Lots of my little garden seeds are up already! ( I'll show that next time.


Chookyblue...... said...

that looks wonderful.....

molly said...

Can I be forgiven for hoping it keeps on raining? That way we'll see more of your beautiful millefiori blocks sooner! Love how you used up scrap yarn for that blanket!

Sajjad said...

Thanks for posting! I really like what you've acquired here; You should keep it up forever!Wellington Tutoring Best of luck