Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hours of Gardening.

Spring is in the air...well some days. For me lately that has meant hours and hours of gardening.
 Plum tree blossom getting pollinated . That's a hopeful sign.
 I had already cut away any old growth on last year's strawberry plants and put 4 new ones in the gaps. I weeded  again  then spread blood and bone and sheep pellets then a thin layer of compost. Some flowers are showing so I hope that bee or one of the other willing workers finds them so I will get a good crop.
 Here little lettuces are coming ready and the peas are climbing their frame. ( they are, "eat the whole thing peas"  ) so only a few are needed. I replanted where there were gaps on another frame. I am not sure who to blame for the gaps....rabbits,  slugs,snail or quails all have been seen lurking. ( I know of 3 rabbits nearby. R has since reduced that number to 2 ) I have laid slug bait.
 A couple of posts ago I showed the "Little Garden, " free seeds kits that New World supermarket was giving away. 1 per $40 spent.
 This is stage 2 of mine on the bench in the garden shed.  I have stage 1 of another lot on the kitchen windowsill where I can keep a close eye on the watering.
 So far I have received : chilli; cress; basil; broccoli; carrots; chives; mint;cauliflower; kale;cherry tomato; rocket and parsley.  Some I have got twice. There are 24 different but you don't get to say which you want as there is no visible name on the outside of the packs. Some it is probably the wrong time of the year to be sowing ( temp and white butterflies on brassica ) . But I will give them all a go. I am now considering it a challenge to see how many I can get to fruition. I know the cress and rocket will be first ready.
 Any other Kiwis growing these?


Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck with the vegies....

Janice said...

They are looking good. Keep up posted on how they all go.

Marlene said...

You have been busy in the garden. I planted my Little Garden this week. I have been lucky and got mostly herbs which suits me fine. I have got a lettuce and a capsicum as well. I think it is a fantastc idea as a giveaway. Hoping they are all going to grow.

Diane-crewe said...

what lovely colours you have to look forwards to x I am busy closing down the garden and clearing pots ready for the cold .. which is slowly creeping up on us x

Pam said...

Happy birthday to little grandson! A year already - amazing.