Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mixed Emotions.

Having had a lovely weekend with Grandson and all the family  today I have very mixed emotions. I have a very sick friend who is not going to make a recovery this time. Another friend kindly updated me on her this morning. She saw her yesterday so I know the information she passed on is accurate. So here are some bright flowers in my garden for you Dee.
 My Little garden plants from the supermarket are doing well at various stages. These tomatoes are going to get put in the garden today .They are the biggest. Followed by broccoli and kale.
 At the moment anything little has to be covered because of this little visitor.......... look very closely by the you see him...the little thief!

There are lots of plants that have got smaller not bigger and so far R has not been able to get a clear shot at him.
 I did so want to show this funny picture of Little grandson on the lawn but it won't stay the right way up. (Please turn your head to the right ) He abandoned playing with his new rake from his other Grandma and went to see what that was on the was a few steps then a long crawl. One of the bigger cousins had got too hot it was such a lovely day and had dropped a t shirt on the lawn where they were all playing.
 Grandson's other gardening exploits include digging his fingers into the dirt and spreading little stones and pulling his first radish out of my herb garden and proudly holding it up. Too funny. Supervision has become a much needed part of having the lovely wee man staying.


Pauline said...

Those little pots are terrific, aren't they? A great introduction to gardening for the little ones. Little ones always manage to keep us on our toes, don't they? Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you are finding some solace at such a sad time.

local alien said...

Is that a possum?
Beautiful flowers for your friend.
Wonderful little chap on a terrific green lawn.
Nice to see it all

molly said...

I'm sure those beautiful flowers from your garden will help to cheer your friend up.

Ali Honey said...

No it's not a possum but a small rabbit. ( NOW DEAD!!! )

Dear Molly my friend is way beyond being cheered up I'm afraid. I haven't heard today if she is still alive. But the end must be very near now.

Unknown said...

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