Monday, November 07, 2016

My Picks from the Auckland Festival of Quilts 2016

 If I had been allowed to take home one quilt this would have been it.
Iridescent  Bali by Vimla Govender. I loved the use of colour the design and the quilting.  
 Here is a closeup of it.

 I also liked Sonya Prchal 's Gazania. Totally life like. You could see the curl of the petals 
 The colour is exact I have this plant in my garden.

 In the wall hangings Sybil Lightbourne's, High Tea Tucks, intrigued me. It was done like Chenille but with seamed finished edges. The workmanship was fabulous, as  was the choice of fabric to show off the method.

If I am talking about workmanship the patience required for the edging and detail on this was amazing.
 Red Radiant by  Colleen Burr.

 In the Mixed Media section Jean Singleton's Woodland Walk stood because of the colour.

 It was just tiny.

 This jumped onto my camera as it illustrates the method I am using for a project at the moment. Quilt as You Go ( or Nesting ) Hexagons. ( Mine will have blending backing fabrics.)

 This was Ruth Reynold's , My Favourite Fabrics.

 I liked Alison Laurence's Watermarks for the semi abstract shapes and the ghosting overlay, of  the fern shape.

 Do click to enlarge the photos. 

If you wish to see more quilts from this show,  Julie Lou and Koka quilts  have already blogged about it.
 I did take other photos but not because I liked the quilts particularly but to jog my memory about a technique or style or idea for the future.. I also did a little retail therapy but will tell you about that next post.
 Today I have the Memorial Service for my Friend Dee which I am steeling myself for to hold it all together. It will be so sad for all the quilting ladies, who are her friends, as well as her family.
 It is pouring with rain in BOP.


Marlene said...

My sister also wanted to take Iridescent Bali home with her. There were some amazing quilts on show and those you have shown Ali were among our favourites as well. Such talent and inspiration. Managed to support the merchants as well!

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

The quilts you've photographed are quite different to the ones I photographed! I think that possibly reflects the fact that you probably viewed the exhibition slowly and calmly. I was a bit rushed having spent too long shopping and meeting up with people. It's nice to see close ups of some I might have glossed over on the day.

molly said...

It is inspiring to see what people can do with some fabric and thread --- and a lot of imagination and skill!

Julie said...

Iridescent Bali was one of my favourites too, I know Batiks are not really liked in modern quilting, but they blend so beautifully and have such lovely colours. There were actually a lot used in the show quilts.
Hope your memorial service went well.

Pam said...

How absolutely beautiful they all are. I hope you're not feeling too sad about your friend.

Chookyblue...... said...

great quilts thanks for sharing...........

Janice said...

Beautiful quilts. Some very talented ladies over your way.