Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sewing Machine is Home.

On Thursday I picked up my sewing machine ( Bernina Aurora 440 ) from the Bernina serviceman. It had been with him since 1st November. I got impatient and rang him to see why it was taking so long and he was waiting on the new plastic slide on table to come. I said I would carry on using my old split one till it arrived...which I did.  My machine had been sitting waiting for 2 weeks or more he said....why didn't he ring me. Anyway I paid for the service and have it back now but was disappointed the communication was SO slack.( I should have got impatient sooner! ) The new tray if it comes will be NZ $59. He showed me an alternative push button tray that cost $180 but involved getting a whole new machine front...... has anyone got one?( that seemed rather extreme and expensive ). I am just going with another tray the same as the original. I will be extra careful with it. Not too much downward weight on it. it's narrowest part it it's weak point.
 Anyway it feel good to have it back home....maybe I can start quilting some of my finished Hexagons.


The Kiwifruit flowering and pollination is going well. We had 2 very very hot days which the bees love. We have had rain yesterday but fine again today. I will show some photos on my next post.
 I couldn't get into blogger today. I hate being beaten by anything computer related so sat and tried again and again.
 Somehow my googlemail email address I have to have for my phone had got in there and it said I didn't have a blog but should start one etc etc. I only want to do my blog from the home desktop computer and our longstanding email address . Eventually I got it changed back and so could get into my blog. I am reasonably techie ( for my age ) but worry when I can't get things to work especially when I know I didn't change anything.
 Anyone else been having problems?
 If I disappear from here it will be because I can't access my own blog for some reason.


Nancy J said...

Ali, there is a firm?/shop/company in Wellington or Upper Hutt that does extension tables to order, large size and extra strong, just need the make and model. Hugh's cousin had one, and as soon as I can contact her, will let you know. Poor service indeed , is there anyone closer? We have a superb serviceman here, so if you need anything else done, let me know and I can pass on the details.Hope all is Ok with you further north, we have wind, felt the quake, life continues at too fast a pace as gardens grow, lawns ditto, and weeds double overnight. Cheers, from Jean.

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Nancy. The Service was okay last time. I think he thought I probably have another machine to use.
I would like the details but no hurry, as I have ordered the replacement table so will have to take it when it comes.
Yes everything growing fast here too. We only felt the very first earthquake here.