Sunday, December 31, 2017

That's 2017 Pretty Much Done.

              Wishing All my blog readers,
               "A Good Year in 2018." 
              "May your worries be few."

 My excuse for not blogging is I have had other priorities Grandson staying.
 Life has been full of varied activities, inside and out.
This tractor puzzle is a hit. He just loves tractors and will sit for ages just pretending to drive ours. ( this is a great 15 piece puzzle for 3+ even if the is only 2 )
The big people got together and completed this puzzle. 

 Bigger Friends came to visit and running and kicking the ball was fun.

 I am pleased the gardening gene has been passed on to Son and Grandson.The 3 of us got together and planted some very late gladioli bulbs.

 We pushed in some support sticks, dug semicircular holes, filled in a little sand and some blood and bone. Then laid in 6 bulbs at each stick, covered them over, tamped them down and watered then. ( twice a day as it is hot and dry )
We are now watching closely as some had started to sprout even before planting.

 Sliding at the park was also fun. Picking strawberries every 2nd day was good too . Finding  beans and seeing where potatoes come from  all exciting tasks when you are only 2.
 Right I better hang out more washing. The young ones are all out  at the moment so it's quiet around here. Gives Nanny a chance to catch up.
 Stay safe everyone.


Mystic Quilter said...

The grandchildren do keep us busy!! Wonderful to see them all but a little quiet time is always helpful!

Diane-crewe said...

a child in the house is ABSOLUTLY the priority xx

Raewyn said...

Happy New Year!! It sounds like you've had a fun and busy time :-)