Sunday, March 25, 2018

Feijoas are Yummy!

 It's time to pick up and start eating feijoas.
 Well around here it is anyway. You either like or hate them.
( They have varied and intriguing patterns inside ) 
That bowl full was yesterday collection. So they don't remain on the ground too long ( especially if you have birds that like them ) I need to pick up every 2nd day. Our few trees have a good crop so we will have plenty to share with family.
 They can be cooked but only if you have a real  over supply. Best eaten just cut in half and scooped out with a spoon.
 Other countries where they call them different names ( pineapple Guavas - Australia ) they don't seem as popular or to do so well as here. We are lucky in Northern  NZ.
 I will eat my share and maybe more.
Heavy rain forced me to pick these dahlias up out of the dirt and rinse the blooms clean. They have recovered now and look vibrant on the kitchen bench.


Deb said...

Ali, your feijoas look delicious. Our neighbours who share our drive have a large feijoa hedge along the drive but nothing has started falling yet, in fact I haven't seen many hanging either. Must go and check then out as they do nothing with them , so I do. Love them.

Janice said...

Yum. The feijoas look good. Our tree was loaded last year, but no fruit at all this time. Not only that, we only had one flower head out of all our dahlias. Strange! Here' hoping next year will be better. How are your gladdies coming along? Have they flowered yet?

Ali Honey said...

I hope you get some Deb.

Janice I wonder if you pruned the feijoas...if you did it is best to only do one side and leave some wood on the opposite side to fruit.( I year old wood )
Now the gladioli are a disappointment. I only have one flower bud...the rest have succumbed to rust and possibly thrips. All the other previously planted glads from years back got thrip damage and or rust so badly I cut them all off and burnt to try and not spread it.( a seasonal thing for us- too much rain )
I wasn't prepared to spray with a fungicide.
Also many of my dahlias flower now - really late in the season.

Pam said...

Oh dear, so sorry about your arm. Hope it heals quickly. I have never heard of feijoas! Your grandson is BEAUTIFUL!

Mags said...

I'd never heard of feijias before Ali and not by any other name either as far as I know. It is so interesting reading about the different trees and the things you grow. I love those dahlias you saved.

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the colour of your knitting wool. You're spot on re the price up or down, hope you find something you like and the right right person comes along to buy your current home and orchard. I'm with you on the issue of charities, not the two or three we have supported many years, but as you say these envelopes in the post enclosing printed sticky labels with your name and address on so you can use them on your mail and also note pads and so on. I put them straight in the bin! I didn't ask for them.

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