Monday, February 18, 2019

Finished by 5.30.

All the plants and bulbs I bought were in the ground by late yesterday. As always I maybe could have fitted in a couple more punnets of blue lobelia but they can still be added. Not visible cause they are underground are some lemon scented Freesia bulbs and some white dutch iris bulbs.
 The larger plants include a lemon gerbera, a  white dahlia, a rust coloured chrysanthemum  and 2 salmon / apricot  coloured Echinacea ( mooodz sympathy )( heat loving compact varieties )  Between I have put either lemon Guems ( perennials ) or blue or blue and white Lobelia ( annuals. )  or lemon marigolds.
 From the other end.
Although it looks pink here this is the pale orange echinacea  (2) I put of in. ( quite expensive but worth it if they thrive. I have had them in my last garden. Butterflies love them.
 I did bring from my last garden a container of my precious Burtonii Freesias but that wont be enough for picking. I love to pick great bunches of freesias in the Spring and only plant the scented ones.
 I am pleased with my efforts and like the result. When I walk out the laundry door to go to the clothes line I can see this and think that looks so much nicer.
 I also planted white freesias under a cherry tree and a dark navy ajuga under a magnolia ( which if it does well I will add to. ) 
 My garden tasks over the next little while will be just watering and weed maintenance.


Mary said...

Well done - you are going to have a beautiful and very fragrant mixed bed blooming there.
Like that you have some butterfly favorites! They always make the garden special in summer. . . . . .and love you can hang the laundry out to dry.

I have plenty of gardening required - wish you lived closer, haha!

Mary said...
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loulee said...

It's looking lovely and you will have the wonderful smell of the fresias in the spring. Like you I love to have them indoors.

Shasta Matova said...

Our frost free date isn't until May, so we have a long wait before ours. All your plantings sound wonderful. I am smelling the freesias already from over here!

Janice said...

The garden looks fantastic, and it is the perfect time of year to be planting. Spring should be lovely.