Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Fickle Spring Weather.

After a fabulous warm weekend, (that I could become very fond of ) the weather is certainly throwing everything at us today. There will be a brief spell of sun then the rain pours down the wind rushes through lifting things in it's path including these avocados that I collected from under the 2 Hass trees.

 From the house I could see them swinging  like pendulums so no wonder some just snapped. Some fell stem and all some had their stems ripped out.( I so hope we don't loose the avo trees themselves )
 These windfalls may be a bit bruised but at least they are mature enough that we will use them when they ripen in about  8 to 10 days.

 The sun popped out again so both of rushed to do some garden jobs, BUT then had to rush for shelter a short time later. I got stuck in the old poly house for quite some weeds left in there now...finally I made a dash for it. Too windy for an umbrella today.

 The first of 5 Unique Rhododendron is flowering. The wind doesn't seem to be trashing that.
 We both decided that the rest of the day most definitely was an indoors day.
 I have been knitting ( beanies ) and sewing an adult type felt ball and sorting my fabric stash to find material suitable for little girls dresses. We are being shown this Friday at P and Q what is required. In an all boy family that will be fun for me.


Janice said...

Spring can certainly send a variety of weather conditions. We’ve had days in the mid 20s and then snow on the following day! Crazy. I do hope your avo trees are OK. The rhododendron is very pretty.

julieQ said...

My husband and I follow your blog with great interest as he loves avocados! I love your quilts!