Sunday, May 09, 2021

Autumn Colours.


A Liquid Amber with seed pods. (On a neighbour's property.) There were also golden maples and pin oaks with great colour as I walked around our area. Some things are beginning to flower quite early - hellebores and paperwhites.
 Our 2 new persimmon trees have produced well for very young trees. I  removed lots of tiny fruit early on to not over tax the trees. The tree with just 4 have sized up a lot larger than the tree I left 15 on. All have got to a good size. I put bird deterrent netlon bags around some of the fruit and it seems to have worked. ( no bird pecking or wasp damage so far ) Persimmon are probably my favourite fruit. Each tree cost $50 so I am glad they are doing well. I will let most of the fruit get riper before I pick them. I prefer them still at the crunch stage not a bag of jelly.
 Looking up our driveway there is a tree on either side.
 Some lovely flowers I got given ( no perfume with  any of them unfortunately )

 We have had Arbor Barber here trimming back trees one afternoon. More light getting into the clothes line now. It doesn't take long for trees to get large in the BOP.

 I have had 3 lengthy sessions at the dentist lately - all good to go now ( hadn't been for ages ) But still have a sore lip that got damaged when I was numb. ( so didn't know it had happened till later ) 
 We are both wearing new glasses too. Mine quite a different style for a change.
 Today is drizzly - we need some steady rain.


kiwikid said...

Lovely colour in the trees, good to get the fruit before the birds too. I hope you lip is ok.

Janice said...

I love autumn colour and the trees have been particularly spectacular around here this year. I first tried persimmons while at school, when one of my classmates brought a slice of persimmon pie that his grandmother had made. It was delicious.