Saturday, July 30, 2022

Some Recent Finishes.


 Its the first day it has been dry enough to hang this finished quilt on the clothes line for a photo.

The quilt called "Theses are a Few of My Favourite Things," is a real mix of lovely fabrics, fun ideas, hand drawn objects, fabrics coloured with Intense pencils  and lots of hand appliqué  ( broderie purse ) pieces cut from fabrics in my stash. It was fun to make, especially  collecting the fabrics with the help of my sewing friends. It is very busy so just a simple purple border was all it needed to be complete. The back fabric ( chocolates ) also feature on the front. I made label by hand using the pencils.

 A couple of close ups. 

 I have also finished the 3rd little felt bird. Its a Banded Dotterel ( brown and fawn )., The others are dark blue / black a NZ Robin and the green shades  for the Bellbird. They each have a proper feather under their wings.


molly said...

Beautiful job Ali! Is it a gift for someone special? Your birds are sweet and I love that each one has a real feather!

Ali Honey said...

it's for me as it is called these are a few of MY favourite things.
It could be an adult eye spy With the grandsons.

loulee said...

What a lovely finish. I'm sure a lot of people will spot some of their own favourites in it.

Janice said...

I remember you working on this. It must be so satisfying to have it completed. Your little birdies are so cute and I love that they each have a real feather.

Pam said...

Lovely quilt! No, we were nowhere near St Michael's Mount, which is in Cornwall, in the south. We were in Northumberland, in the north of England.