Saturday, June 08, 2024

What Did I Purchase.?

 We decided when we arrived at the Exhibition to go around the Merchants first as the quilts on display weren't going anywhere but the merchants might sell out their best things fast. They didn't. Their was a great variety. Patchwork Web; Puddles Books and More; More than Fabric; Widebacks; Aroha Quilts; Bernina and my Favourite that day Tis the Season (.Tis the Season.)  On her display was a knitted Double Wrap Cowl in Aran Jewelspun. Very attractive. I bought the pattern and some yarn ( its not actually wool I later found out but very, very soft ) ( made in England )  I will probably make a scarf instead as I have quite a short neck We'll see.


 I also got some packs of these die cut flower shapes as I am currently making a wall hanging with Tall flowers.( the one at the top I cut out myself so new shapes will add to the variety I have)  ( I doubt Ill use the orange and yellow ones )

Also a pack of green felt

 No fabric I have quite a stash already and need to use that. ( I know some of you won't understand that - he he. ) That was quite restrained wasn't it!

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Chookyblue...... said...

nice purchases......glad you got to enjoy a quilt show........