Sunday, April 08, 2007

Movie and Old Books.

Yesterday was such fun!

We started off in a lazy unhurried way and went to the Mt to the 20th Rotary Used Book Sale held in a vast cool store..... missed the huge rush and queueing by getting there about 2.5 hours after opening. It has turned into a really big event,( photo shows about half the area ) with books of all sorts; magazines; CDs; sheet music and cassettes. We both did very well finding an array of reading and 5 CDs.( photo of mine here and DH did even better.)

Then we went and had lunch at the Classic Flyers ( where DH is a member ) then back across the bridge into Tauranga where finding a park was well nigh impossible because of the Jazz Feastival being held there.( many streets were blocked off ) With just a little patience we got a park and were just in time after walking a way to get into the movie I wanted to see.

Miss Potter. It was quite delightful with fabulous scenery in the Lakes District in UK. It was just a lovely natural story with Renee Zellweger being quite believable. I think Beatrix Potter would have approved. Apparently her"The Tale of Peter Rabbit," is still the best selling children's book of all time!

Of course I particularly liked the way Beatrix moved against the norms of her time to be a person in her own right!


molly said...

I love the Beatrix potter stories and read them to each of my children. I'm not sure if it was they or I who enjoyed them more! Had not heard of this movie but loved the preview. Thanks for the link. I love sales like the one you describe---one man's junk is truly another man's treasure.

molly said...

Co-incidence. Just today I heard about someone who recently had a baby girl and named her Beatrix. Which would be fine, but they intend calling her Trixie, which I think is an abomination!

Suzy said...

Lucky you .... sounds like a perfect day!

meggie said...

Ali, thanks for your kind comments on my music. I love classical of almost any type, but particularly guitar. I used to bore my flatmates listening to Segovia.
Thanks for the pics on your lovely day out. I just love things like that! Love those treasures we can find.

Agree with Molly- who would call their child Trixie...almost as bad as that poor Nanny of Charles' Tiggy!!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Good buys and thanks for the review, we are very keen to see it as we are big fans with all her books. Cheers, Tracey

Fiona said...

My DH would be drooling if he saw that book sale - and I think I would probably have been on the doorstep an hour before it opened myself.

Suzy said...

Hi Ali, check out my comments re the RW Meme for some info & background.