Saturday, April 14, 2007

Quilting and Blogging.

A year has gone by since I posted my first blog entry. This is the 128 th post in 365 days, and I still am enthusiastic about writing mine and reading Yours! By the very seasonal nature of an orchard things will happen again near the same time they did last year so I will need to make sure I don't just repeat myself. The quilting aspects of my life will be different as projects change and time moves on.

My copy of New Zealand Quilter ( issue 59 ) arrived with today's mail so now I will be sneaking off with a coffee in one hand and mag in the other, trying all the while not to read it too fast...trying to make the pleasure last....nah rip into it then reread it later!
Those of you from overseas who were in Palmerston North in January will see that the 2007 Symposium features in this issue; I also noticed on my initial browse that your name Kirsty get mentioned along with Jenny Bowker in the section entitled "Interactive Websites," ( page 48 ) telling how to look at your photos on Flickr ( Your famous, you're in print! ) ( again! )
Thanks for all your comments ladies! I love to see what you write!
I'm off with sacks now to pick up more walnuts, then back to something with less bending down! Happy weekend everyone!


dot said...

Happy Blog birthday. Have fun with your magazine. Let us know if there is any good pattens in it.

Helen said...

My issue also arrived today. When I got home I asked my son if there was any mail. 'No' was the reply. Later he dropped the magazine on my lap and said with a big grin 'I lied'. He says he forgot - yeah right!

Joyce said...

Happy Blogaversary. I've seen that magazine but they are very expensive over here. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I don't get that wonderful magazine but maybe someday. :}

kirsty said...

Oh POO. I'm in Townsville and my mag is in my post box in Hughenden. I won't get to see it for another ten days :(

meggie said...

That feeling when you get a new mag to enjoy is so nice!
I drool over patterns & promise myself I will make something.

Janice said...

Hi Ali - thanks for dropping by my blog - pleased to meet you! I've enjoyed reading your combination of family, quilting and orcharding! I graded kiwifruit one season when my job on our flower farm was taken by a daughter needing the work. And yes, I recently did Jury duty too for a few days. Hand sewing would have been a good idea, next time!

Sheila said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment..!
Congratulations on your Blogiversary..!
I'd say you an allround RW..
I'm one of three girls, no boys, so we were all taught the 'man' jobs too.

Rose Marie said...

A year of blogging ... well done! :o) Here's to many more!