Thursday, April 12, 2007

Real Women.

Real women....I don't think there are any such persons! ( is that as opposed to less than real? ) BUT as I really respect my dear friend Sooozii ( who tagged me ) I will try and give my own slant on this topic.
I guess RW are biologically usually female ( but come in all shapes any sizes, colours and creeds ). They are usually daughters of someone ( not always known ) but are not necessarily wives, mothers or sisters. Mostly they start out as little girls and just grow into beautiful creatures- metaphorically speaking. They accept who they are!
I was happy as a girl and as a teenager - growing up in the country I did a huge variety of things running, cooking, knitting, sewing, drawing, singing, making music, picking flowers the list is just too long to mention everything. But as my Dad had just 2 daughters and no sons I got to do farm things too. As the younger and more easy going child I was shed hand when sheep shearing was on; I held the axe while staples were nailed into fences; I shifted sheep and worked dogs and sometimes had to help my Mum milk our few cows if Dad wasn't there - she was scared of them so they played up for here. My Dad taught me how to shoot rabbits , drive the tractor, feed the chooks. I had my first garden at age 5, as my folk were great gardeners.
I was happy with who I was.

My dad was into sport; so was I. I was a fast runner; a high jumper; a tennis player and netball rep and the nerdiest part of all I loved school! But I digress! I think I'm saying I didn't worry about stereotypes!

Perhaps I am a woman who can do male stuff when needed... (who says it's male stuff.) ( does that make me a real Woman? ) We have an orchard - I work - that's how it is.
I read somewhere that real women don't do housework - gosh I do all my own stunts housework and all. I have all my own parts but my eyes need help now and my hair isn't yet ready to be grey! I wear makeup cause it helps me feel good about my appearance which is what it is - just me! I wear old clothes when I am doing dirty work it makes sense. I wear comfortable shoes cause I love to walk. I try and keep fit so all by bits keep working as I like to see and hear and eat and drink and sleep. I have a nose that loves the smell of flowers and herbs and bread and coffee. (Make the most of what you have, never take any sense for granted! )
Qualities I hope I have ( real woman or otherwise ) :-
RW love "L " words To learn; to laugh; to live!
RW stand up what is right and just- they fight for the underdog if need be.
RW don't try to change others' thinking to be like their own on topics like politics or religion ( or not ). But they do encourage others to think, to extend to explore. ( whatever )
RW know what matters and accept what they can change and don't stress over what they can't influence.
RW have open minds ( and hearts ).
RW hate advertising and media that tries to make women to look and behave a certain way.( and get on their soap box about male domination in sport and TV coverage!! )
Finally Real Women treat people as if they were what they ought to be and so help them to become what they are capable of being!
Photo of me today real or otherwise. Anyone reading this who hasn't been tagged please feel free if you want to have your turn on this topic - maybe Joyce, Shirley and Pixie.


Helen said...

ohh I've been tagged. well, tell us Soozi's blog address so I can do some more research before I answer! sounds like a good kiwi upbringing. hooray for that.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Pixie, it's on the list on my side bar. Sooziii's Hobbies. I ended up doing lots of research - kept going off at tangents, but I love that anyway. Cheers!

Fran├žoise said...

What a great post!!

Shirley Goodwin said...

AAArgh! I've been tagged too. I've always thought of real women as being like us, Ali - competent, down to earth women, who can turn their hand to all sorts of things, warm, wonderful and wise - as opposed to the likes of Paris Hilton, for example.

meggie said...

Enjoyed your version of this meme. Very good indeed.

molly said...

Well said! Loved your take on this.

Suzy said...

Ali I loved reading your RW meme - I loved the photo as well! Your insights were great and I love you background info on growing up.

Diana said...

It's nice to see what you look like!I liked your take on this topic.

ForestJane said...

Very nice description of a real woman! I don't see how I could possibly improve on that.

I've been fascinated by a close up view through your eyes of the kiwi life cycle. I've even been showing the folks I work with, they've been equally intrigued. :)