Monday, May 21, 2007

Quilted and Bound.

Over the weekend I managed to finish quilting and binding the Mended Hearts Quilt. ( just a label to add now ) NOBODY warned me how tiring it would be to machine quilt this 80" by 54" top! ( on my Bernina ) No wonder folk buy long arm quilters. What a marathon.
I started by stitching in the ditch across each row of hearts. Fine. Then I decided to zig zag across the top third of each heart and on to the next; then across the bottom third. It has made quite a good pattern on the backing - sort of diamonds hanging on a line. But oh that twisting to go the other way really gave me a work out. ( maybe I was doing something wrong????) I think I imagine more "quilt as you go," projects in the future if they are this size.
Anyway it is still the fastest quilt I have ever made. Some fraying on the raw edges has begun with all the woman handling while quilting and I think it will add to the look of the quilt. ( semi chenille ) It looks good on one of the spare beds anyway so will get used.

Soozii and Sheila I haven't forgotten your subject.( please go check out their blogs readers ) It is giving me huge angst - it is such a big subject with so much to think about. We have had some extreme cases reported in our Newspaper, which is very off putting. People behaving quite irrationally at huge detriment to themselves and probably not achieving what they hope. I have decided I have to look at it from a personal view rather than a Business / Orcharding view which we are already doing and being audited on for Eurepgap.( try googling that! )
Today it is drizzling so I have been doing office work - GST ; documents for the accountants ; Orchard diarries; filing etc...ooooh goody my favourite things - not. I have accomplished heaps so guess that's what matters.


Birdydownunder said...

Love the quilt Ali.... I had to try a Bullseye (made much the same way), and I really loved it and those raw edge bits just make it more loved. Understand your angst re Climate Change. As you are a Business. At first I thought it was a hugh ask and thats personally, but after thought I think we should all just really try to do our best. Don't waste and reuse. Actually when I thought about it I had been doing lots of things without realising. aubirdwoman

Unknown said...

Love your hearts quilt - yes they are a bit of a toil working something that size through a normal sized sewing machine - but it its doable. I find an ironing board jutting out from my sewing surface at the left hand side and the same height helps enormously to keep the weight from pulling on the needle. You're right about everyone doing their bit for the environment - we recycle everything we can, we have inflatable blocks in the toilet cisterns so we don't use as much water each time we flush the loo and I try to walk when I can - if everyone did just a handful of things constantly and consistently what a difference it would make to the world

Joyce said...

It looks great. I really like the look of raw edge applique. There was one at our local quilt show and I was very impressed.aybe thats next.. Quilting a large quilt on a regular machine is definitely a drag. That's why I do mostly wall hangings now. Too bad a long arm is so very expensive.

Fiona said...

Quilting a big quilt is hard work, no doubt about it - the largest I have done is my son's single bed quilt but it had very thick batting too - getting it all rolled under throatspace was quite a challenge - and that was just straghtforward grid stitch in the ditch. It must have been tough to keep changing direction.

Suzy said...

Ali the quilt looks lovely. It is a battle quilting with a domestic machine but you feel a real sense of accomplsihment when the wrestling is finished. My first was a king size but I was sooo proud of the result.
Thanks for plugging the site - sadly only 3 people have left comments and only Sheila has added the sign to her blog. Hopefully it will pick up and cause a land

meggie said...

Love that quilt, & well done you, for managing to get it quilted. I have battled with several large ones, & now try to keep my sights smaller! Aging shoulders dont like the work in a large one.
We really try to observe all the climate saving ideas we can, & I am a great believer in recycling- hence our preloved furniture! LOL.

Tazzie said...

Ohhh, that is super cute, I love it!