Thursday, May 17, 2007

Treasure in my Mailbox.

Lucky, lucky me!
I walked down the drive to the mailbox and there was a package for me. Lovely, lovely. My new blog friend Viv in Minnesota sent me a signed copy of her book. It's a real delight. ("Thank You for Giraffes," by Vivian Husnik )

The photo shows one of my favourite pages with funky flowers. If you have any little folk in your lives I'm sure they would enjoy this book.( there are little creatures within the pictures to find.) Isn't she clever using quilts as the illustrations. Do visit Viv's blog to see her quilts and her books. What a busy creative lady she must be.
PS. The book smells nice too....I love new books that smell great, it adds to the reading experience.


Birdydownunder said...

What a lovely parcel from postie. I love the flower composition in the foreground. Will visit Viv's blog........ aubirdwoman

meggie said...

Oh Ali, thank you for the link to Viv. I went & checked out her lovely blog. Isnt she so talented.
Lovely surprise gift for you!

Val said...

I'm go glad I found your blog! So much to good as a book!

Unknown said...

And wouldn't the book picture make a good quilt?!