Thursday, June 07, 2007

Flying South.

The Kiwi is a flightless bird, and that pretty much usually describes me!
But Mother Nature heard that this Kiwi and DH were flying South so she really turned on warm temperatures and cloudless sky for us. From the plane (a Saab 340 T prop )I could pick out all the landmarks along the journey over the North Is. As we flew over the Tongariro National Park, Mt. Ruapehu had just a light dusting of snow and away in the distance I could see Mt. Egmont ( Taranaki.) We changed planes at Wellington and flew down to Dunedin on a Boeing 737.
The tall building is the hotel we stayed in the first 3 nights. Our room is on the top floor at the front corner - from it we got a 270 degree view of the city. On the second night someone set fire to an old uninhabited house and we had ringside seats as fire engines rushed in and flames leapt....blimmy!
I'll continue my holiday on my next blog entry.We just got home in time as the TV News tonight showed storms and cold had hit the South ; snow is falling on the very places we have just seen.
I have been busy processing my 160 photos ( trigger happy! ) washing, etc so have hardly had time to realise that today is my special day of the year where that number changes to the next.
My holiday was a great present don't you think. Good to be home all the same.


meggie said...

Oh Happy Birthday Ali!
You were very lucky to have the nice weather.
I have a friend who lives in Christchurch & she called me last Monday, & said they had been having wonderful weather. Yesterday my Aunt in Whakamaru, told the Sth Is has been having heavy snow! brrrr.

Ali Honey said...

Oh Thanks Meggie....someone did read what I wrote after all....makes be feel not quite so forgotten!

Yes, we certainly got out of the South just in time! It's cold enough here today....miserable in in door activites all day.

Suzi-k said...