Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reading Pleasure.

I haven't talked about books and reading for a while possibly because it is a while since I have been enthusiastic about what I am reading.
"Life of Pi," by Yann Martel is giving me lots of laughs and keeping my interest. Most of you probably read it a couple of years ago but it only turned up in my to read pile yesterday.
I may have mentioned I record all the books I read ( have done since 1981) in a notebook, which has proved an invaluable record on numerous occasions....when discussing something with someone or talking about books of course, or settling an argument discussion. DH is almost competitive about the number of books he manages to read...... he rereads some too, which I find strange as there are always so many new books I want to read. ( usually only when I find him gnawing on the book shelves saying " I've nothing to read! ") Once when this happened I call from another room, "Well just go the the second shelf from the top and take the 4th book from the right and read that!" It turned out to be the Handbook for the Landrover; which he dutifully sat and read being able to see the funny side of the situation.
I am almost back to normal today ( as normal as I get anyway! ) having had a very red itchy face after my visit to the Dentist on Thursday. I think I must be allergic to latex gloves, as it was all along my jaw, up my checks and around my mouth. Friday I was burning up and looked a sight. I know it felt worse than it looked but it is an annoying addition to my already highly stressful times with the Dentist that I will need to address on future visits.
The weekend is turning into a quite productive one for getting jobs done. (As it is School Hols in NZ ) we are having visitors coming to stay tomorrow so that set up much cleaning, mowing tidying of know things that could normally wait but would be better dealt with before guests.( who I wasn't expecting till they rang on Friday and said they were arriving! ) Despite that we did manage to sit up and watch a late game of NZ playing Portugal in the Rugby World Cup and I had a sleep in after that and have been reading and doing the little bit of quilting on what better be the final set of table mats ( see photo - isn't the backing fabric yummy? )for a while ( But I have to have some hand sewing ! ) Some baking would probably be in order will be Orange and Date Muffins as the oranges are just becoming ripe and juicy and I love to cook using our own home grown fruit and nuts.
Thanks for the kind comment about the garden - I haven't finished with that subject yet ( a bit like the garden itself - never finished - a work in progress that rarely reaches completion ).
I better get back to it I guess. I hope your weekend is going well in all other parts of the world....I'll pop by your blogs to check!


meggie said...

Always enjoy your posts Ali. Those placemats are lovely. School hols just begun here, & today is Labour Day in NSW. My brother tells me you have gone onto daylight saving yesterday too, so that always takes a bit of body clock adjustment.

Birdydownunder said...

dual purpose tablemats. Lunch and Dinner. Very nice. Haven't read Life of Pi...will add it to my library list. I can also read a book twice or thrice or .......and still get the same pleasure.

Birdydownunder said...

and glad your tooth and face are feeling better.

Unknown said...

I am sure the Landrover handbook was interesting.