Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Eat a Feijoa.

(This part of the post dedicated to Pam in UK,  who loves feijoas! )
Firstly pick them up off the ground or if you are really organised lightly feel each fruit to see if it will just fall off in your hand ( no bruising at all that way.)
 Put them in the fruit bowl and admire and smell.  ( It's a good clue as to their ripeness.)
 Select some nice softish plump ones.

Cut in half. ( share if you have to - I do ) Study the shapes in the flesh.  There are many variations. Scoop out with a teaspoon. Eat slowly savouring their wonderful taste - unlike any other. Have a couple of extra ones and say, "These are for you Pam."  Then another and say, "This is for you Meg." ( that way you don't feel bad about blogging about feijoas when you know some of your friends don't have them growing!
It has rained all day today and most of yesterday. I have got lots done. Yesterday I  caught up with my quilty friends. I needed some female company and chatter.
 My Rrainbow Tunnels Bandana quilt was finished for show and tell and went into the pile ready for me to take to Canteen in the next few weeks. I think we now have 10 or 12. I sewed on the first bandanna quilt yesterday and today and the top is almost done.

*  I made some suitcase I. D. material handles for our suitcases. ) Why? The last time our young ones came home from UK some other passenger took the wrong bag at the airport ( luckily only the small airport at Tauranga. ) Luckily V noticed hers wasn't there but a similar one was and we ran after the person and stopped him before he had time to get away - I think it was just carelessness on his part but he hardly even said thank you. Imagine that happening at a large airport - one might never find the person in time - hence our Luggage extra easily spotted ID.
        Fabric with bright yellow NZ  Kowhai flowers on it.

 You will have to look hard to spot the subject of this photo. One of the 2 wee fantails who have been flitting from window to window today catching some tiny insects that must be there because of the rain. I still HOPE to get a good close photo one day.
Roger made me 2 jars of pickled red capsicum yesterday with the ones ready in the garden. OH Yum. ( have to leave them a few days yet ) He makes himself pickled garlic - not me -  give me Capsicums any day.


notHamilton said...

Man alive those feijoas look delish!

Meggie said...

As soon as I saw the Feijoas I could smell them and taste them in my memory! Thankyou for having some for me!
I love to see those dear little fantails. Remind me of childhood when we seemed to see them often.