Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Things That Grow.

The rain did stop and the lawns got mowed. While I was doing that I smelled water melon......unfortunately the rain had split one open and half or more of it was wasted. We had been tapping them to see if they were ready - but obviously our skills there were not smart enough. What was salvaged was very tasty and we do have some more to eat.
        I was sad to learn that the Canterbury earthquake had made some of these beautiful old oak trees in Hagley Park unsafe and they were cutting them down. This one here I hugged and admired in 2007 the last time I was down there.
Some more trees are being felled - not sad this time. They are directly through the boundary fence from Block 2 b kiwifruit where I am working in the afternoons. I can barely hear my radio for loud chainsaws, falling trees and big machines.

 R actually planted these pines as a small woodlot many years ago. We then sold this front gully and a house section about 15 years ago so they are now the neighbour's trees. They have contractors in doing the job most efficiently. If I peep through the shelter belt which I did yesterday to take this photo there is quite a nice big pile of pine logs already felled and stripped. The sun is just going to stream into the kiwfruit block and will be good for them.
Something else that's been growing...a long length of black binding for my bandanna quilt. Unfortunately it is Black which I now have huge difficulty seeing to sew, but hope to hand sew it down on Friday at P and Q group.
 I am not sure if I am totally finished quilting the Rainbow Tunnels, but so far it has gone beautifully - not one tuck. I had to get the binding on quickly as the cream batting was sticking all over the black fabric. ( we can't get black batting in NZ as far as I know ) My trusty sticky roller took it off well but until the binding is sewn down it will continue to get on the black fabric.
Now something that didn't grow. I went to the dentist ( voluntarily ) for a check up as they suggested ( and I don't want any trouble later on when we are on holiday ) and got a "good to go, ' message. He did add a bit of polyfiller to one tooth that was allowing food to lodge too easily. The only thing that hurt was the bank balance.( maybe I am getting to trust my dentist - that would be progress.

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Meggie said...

I am presently having tooth troubles, and so I do sympathise. I also have a morbid fear of dentists... I blame the Dental Nurses of our childhood, and their awful 'Murder houses' at our schools!
I love watermelon!