Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Friday.

Today I had a rest from Kiwifruit and went to Patchwork and Quilting Group. I took this photo yesterday of a cluster of this year's crop.
Shirley had finished a bandanna quilt made from just 4 bandannas with some black and white added and some wee squares of black fabric with the NZ silver fern on them. It's a lovely small quilt.
These next 2 photos were taken yesterday when the pine tree felling in the neighbour's gully was almost complete.

See the green grass part on the extreme right, ( behind the fence but infront of the hedge ) -  that is our road.
You can see the gully that has been cleared.( I am standing in a kiwifruit block looking over the fence. )

Today on my way home up the road I took this photo looking back across the gully to where the previous 2 photos were taken. If you click on the photo you can now see the top end of a kiwifruit block with the squared trimmed hedge behind it. To the right behind the cryptomaria hedge ( the ones that look like Christmas trees ) is the block I am currently working in. Notice how the sunlight is now streaming in to the kiwifruit. All the big pine logs went on large trucks straight to the Port of Tauranga to be exported.
Everyone likes a bargain. Well I got one today, quite unexpectedly, so I think it was meant to happen. I saw some big roomy handbags that might be just right for me to take on my travels.( quilted fabric ones I have made are not suitable for this purpose ) There were about 5 different ones all reduced in price. Nice soft leather finish, lots of zipped internal and external pockets, water proof - the only thing missing was a long shoulder strap ( but I can cope without that ). Reduced in price to NZ $50. I decided that was a good buy. I took it to the counter and was told there is another NZ $15 off that price today. Wow. I then handed over my loyalty card and was told you still have $20 reward you haven't used up. "Would you like that off it as well? "     Welllllll why not?  "Well that will be NZ $14.99 then."  By then everyone around was laughing.( That is about 5 UK Pounds ) Understandably I am well pleased with my new handbag.  May it have many adventures with me carrying it .


By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh wow, I wish I could come across great deals like the bag deal you got. Crikey shifting those pines has cetainly made a huge difference.

Jennifer said...

What a great bargain - must have been your lucky day!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

That was a good bargain!

I wonder where & what your new bag will get to see with you.

Love Leanne

Meggie said...

What a great bargain! Days like that are rare, & wonderful.