Saturday, June 11, 2011

My P and Q Group.

Yesterday the weather was very wet ( 74 mls of rain )  and as I wasn't needed for Jury duty ( I got off lightly ) I got to go to my Patchwork and Quilters' Group. (I  missed last fortnight as I was at a funeral )  It was lovely to catch up with all my lady friends. Some were doing a class making a tissue box caddie sewing tidy, but most were doing their own things.
 I took my new bag and the placemats I have made recently for Show and Tell and 3 other ladies had finished quilts made from bandannas for canteen. Here they are.
This one had some other fabric along with the cut up bandannas.

M's one was suitable for a boy with a car racing sort of theme.

This one had 2 sides equally as nice that some young girl will treasure.

This is the very fun backing fabric. The stylized cats are very funny.
I won't now be seeing most of these friends again till August and will miss them. I got so many good wishes for a great trip and so many hugs. They are very nice friends.
     Yesterday I was sad to learn that of our 3 members who have had cancer in the last few years the one I was most worried about is okay for now but 2 others are not well at all. A mum in her 40s  who now has secondaries from her breast cancer has a real struggle ahead of her. She has teenage family. I am sure they will all keep fighting it ; but that still doesn't guarantee they will win. I am now going to send messages of encouragement to them. I wish there was more I could do to change things. Everyone wishes that.
   Guess what? it is pouring with rain again. One of our friends who has a much larger orchard than us, but lives quite nearby called in last evening. His kiwifruit crop is about half picked. When the rest will get done is weather dependant. That is a long wait they have had, as our was picked a month ago. It has been a trying season for growers in many ways.


Jennifer said...

Hope your friends win their battle.....too many women are coming down with that dreadful disease. Love the quilts! We are supposed to have several days of heavy rain starting tonight, which will probably mean flooding - can't wait. Not.

Unknown said...

The battle against cancer is so hard and noone knows how it ends, I do hope your friends will win their battle.

julieQ said...

I too am praying for those ladies...far too much of this disease in evidence among our quilting friends! Don't float away in the rain!!