Friday, June 03, 2011

Rose Tinted Spectacles.

Before I start today's post I wish to think of my blogfriend Meg, who sadly is today making the physical farewell to her husband of 45 years - affectionately known on her blog as GOM.    RIP GOM.
Hugs and strength Meg.

I am now seeing the world through rose tinted spectacles.
 Yesterday I got my new stronger glasses. They are the ones at the bottom of the photo. They are a bit more substantial than the old ones at the top. They weigh 21 grams - the old ones only 9 grams, so they feel a little different on me.The frames are made from rose gold - not sure if the photo picks up the colour but it is much softer than normal gold. As with any new specs they are taking a wee bit of adjusting too but I certainly can see much better for close up reading and stitching! Yahoo! ( although walking down the city street was strange I kept having to lower my head so I didn't trip ) I also had to ask for a better coloured case as the one offered was big and black - quite ugly. ( they obviously put more time into designing the spec frames that the cases to put them in. ) In the end I settled for the blue case...but the old case at the top may be a better match.
Some sewing has been happening. To my horror I discovered that my original red bucket bag was wearing out. Not surprising I supposed as it has had constant use since I made it in 2007. ( inspired by Joyce the bag maker using a lovely pattern supplied by Andrea. ) So what to do...... but immediately start making a replacement. This one is going to have inside pockets and a fastening at the top. These are the fabrics I am using -  black and whites left from my last quilt with a touch of colour as the feature patch.


Jennifer said...

Love the flash new glasses.....aren't they smart! Your new bag will look great.

Joyce said...

I love those black and whites. The touch of color is perfect.
I get my glasses at Zeni Optical online. They are dirt cheap but good quality and I can then afford selection of them rather than wearing the same ones for years.

Meggie said...

Thankyou Ali, for your kind and caring thoughts.
Now, it is an hour at a time.

Joolz said...

I am due for an eye test and new specs later this year. I quite like choosing new frames but it is a hard job. I think this time I will go for 'graduated' lenses. I am short sighted but am finding that I need my glasses on all the time but when I look at things up close, I have to take them off all the time. Graduated lenses allow you to have different strengths in the one lense so if I look down, I won't need to take the glasses off.

Laurie said...

Love the glasses
I am also in the throws of new ones but they don't seem to be getting them right ... they are on the 3rd set of lens in 3 weeks some how they seem to keep produceding a prisim in them which is making the floor drop into an ibis when I look down. I am getting frustrated with the company hard can it be to get it right after 3 try's.
Hugs Laurie

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about that GOM has passed away. It always takes time to adjust to new glasses, I have used glasses for over thirty years so I should know.