Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not Long Now!

   Thank you for the empathy shown re the "donated, " fabric. I have heard back from my friend D who came and took the rest of the boxes of fabric away. Some has gone to her grand daughter's Kindy; she cut up one of the hexagon tops and made quilts for their play house and she made 3 little people twirly skirts on elastic waists for their dress up box, out of the taffeta. A neighbour allowed her to put all the samples and hangers in his recycling and dump some more. So she did very well!
Not long now. In less than 50 hours I ( we ) should be in the air.....ash clouds from South America permitting!  The bags are packed and rather full.   "The Lists, " are covered in ticks with just a couple of highlights left. 
My very old Auntie N sent the lovely card above - she seems very excited for us as she once had a trip to UK herself.( and hopes we see and do some of the things she remembers. ) Likewise my sister sent a letter card she bought at St. Pauls some years ago.

Very, very early on the morning of the 21 st ( the shortest day of the year ), we get collected by shuttle to travel to Auckland Airport where we later fly out to Singapore.( and arrive there on the longest day of the year ) We spend 2 nights there before flying to Heathrow. We spend 2 nights in London then travel with my younger son J and his lovely partner V  down to Somerset, Cornwall and Devon for 8 days.
We then return to London for 3 days then fly out to Ireland from Gatwick for 5 days ( 4 nights ) . Back to London for 3 days then up to York for one night and on to Edinburgh for   2 nights. The young ones go back to London and R and I spend 3 nights at Windermere in the Lake district.
 Back to London for 4 days then R and I travel by train through the Chunnel to Paris for 4 days. Back to London and our last 3 days there before flying back home on August 1st ; again via Singapore arriving back in NZ  at 10.25 at night on the 3rd and shuttling home by which time it will be early on the 4th August.  I think that adds up to just over 6 weeks or 43 sleeps away from home.
I have never packed a suitcase for 6 weeks before. .... It's going to be Summer over there...or better be....I am wearing woollies to the airport and will take them to Scotland. Other than that it will have to be layers. If my ward robe or anything else is wanting I will buy something!
Quilting friends - tucked in the bottom of my case is a small plastic bag with my etui, some thread  and some 3 " squares I am sewing into 1/2 square triangles. ( no needles on planes is a pity ! ) I  may be just taking them for the ride but who know I might need a odd moment with my feet up and a little soothing hand stitching. I wonder if that fabric will have any friends by the time I return?
My camera will be my constant companion and if I get to use the young ones' computers there may be the odd post here...but don't bet on it. If not there will be lots of photos here in August - please don't forget to keep following.
 ( see you soon, J and V, and P and K. )
Excited - you bet!


Meggie said...

Ali, I wish you and R a wonderful trip. I know you will have a wonderful time and many adventures to relate to us all upon your return.
Blessings, Megxx

Marlene said...

Have a wonderful trip.Sounds a great itinerary.I have taken a needle on the plane a few times-just wouldn't let me have scissors.

carole brungar said...

Hope you both have a fantastic time, enjoy the sights and sounds and food and I'll see you home safe and sound when you get back!

Nicky said...

Wishing you a wonderful trip. Have fun!

Jennifer said...

Have a great trip, Ali! and tell us all about it when you come back.

Joyce said...

Sounds like a great trip. We are going to be in Paris from July 18 to Aug 6. Maybe we should try to meet for coffee...

Françoise said...

I wish you a safe trip and a great time in Europe. And if you decide to visit Brussels, please send me an email!

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

How exciting!!!

I hope you both have a fab time.

Fancy being able to plant garlic on the shortest day & then maybe being able to harvest garlic on the longest day - all on the same day.

As my good friend Dr. Seuss says..

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!

You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!

have a brilliant trip
Love Leanne & family xx

Laurie said...

Have a wonderful trip Ali and give my love to the good old UK...needles on plane are okay ...just precut your thread before you go saves the battle of the scissors .. cut of your ends at a later date.
Or an empty or full box of tooth floss makes a good cutter.

take care hugs Laurie

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh, it sounds like a wonderful trip! I know you'll have a great time -- I'm so excited for you. And no needles on airplanes? Is that an AU or UK rule? I sew on airplanes in the states everytime I fly.

loulee said...

Summer! Ha! Bring your rain coat.
I hope the weather does improve for you and that you have a wonderful time up here.

molly said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!

Pam said...

Can't remember when you'll be in Edinburgh but hope you'll get in touch!

Unknown said...

I know you are having a great time, enjoy it and maybe you will show us what you are exploring.

Nancy J said...

A comment on the" Fabric deserves better" post. I felt so sad as I read your words. Did you ever think that maybe the older lady had no machine, no way of buying better quality fabric, maybe she just had to use what she was given,her eyesight might have been so bad she could not see very well.There might not have been classes in her area, or she could not afford to go, could not go for other reasons.People who are not sewers or quilters sometimes have no idea of fabric value or use,and just maybe the DIL could not bring herself to throw it all away. My MIL is knitting yet another bed rug, for her niece in Sydney, and yes there are lots of mistakes, wrong number of rows in the patterns, but Maree has said she will look at the love and thought that went into the knitting.My MIL has really bad arthritis in her hands, can only see well with one eye, but still continues to knit.Maybe the MIL of the other lady was the same, and continued the sewing to keep her hands and mind busy. These older ladies are from a generation where they did not sit idly,but kept busy even when what they tried to do was just too hard any more. Cheers from Jean.

Unknown said...

Thanks. That’s a really good one.
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