Friday, August 26, 2011

Quilts ;Tapestry and Fabric.

I remember saying I would put up a post about the quilts and tapestry and fabric I saw ( bought ). As I have been to my group ( Tauranga Patchwork and Quilters Group ) today it is uppermost in my mind.This will be in 3 parts.
 Firstly Bath ( 2 ladies in our group recommended that if I had time to see only one quilt display while in UK I couldn't go wrong with seeing the permanent display at the American Museum in Bath.)

As you can see in the picture I bought the booklet by Sheila Betterton on some of the quilts in the display. The quilts are hung on large hanger arms and swing around like pages in a book. For protection each quilt is encased in heavy acetate which make photographs impossible ( because of the reflection. )
 I did take 2 of this quilt as there was an idea in it I wanted to utilise at a later date.( you can't see it well here. )The booklet has a great introduction about bedding and quilts from 200 to 300 hundred years ago when women not only got to make quilts for top display but also had to make the mattress covers, the duvets. the canopy etc So they had to weave first then sew! ALL by hand! In the display were woven coverlets and whole cloth quilts. I was very interested in what I saw. Later in the shop I spotted just one small basket of fat quarters - most of which didn't excite but I found one with Robin redbreasts on and got that. I also got a quick view around an exhibitions of Marilyn Munroe's dresses. OH wow she was one classily dressed lady!

Meanwhile outside the boys were watching war reenactments on the lawn.

 In Bath Abbey as well as the fabulous stained glass windows I spotted more lovely kneelers and the choir sang for us. Thank you! ( fabulous acoustics )

When we were staying in the Lake District we visited The Quaker Tapestry at Kendal.
 It is in 77 panels and like the Bayeux tapestry tells a story. It covers 350 years of Quaker history. It is stitched by women men and children. There are panels from 14 other countries including New Zealand.

 I was quite delighted with how well our panel was done!
 The other panel I will tell you about is the one depicting Elizabeth Fry.
 She and other Quaker women visited the convict ships leaving UK for Australia between the years of 1818 - 1843; taking 12000 souls, men, women and children in 106 ships and supplied to the women a bag that had in it supplies she might need. Needles, thread and fabric scraps with which she could make a quilt and hopefully improve her needlework skills giving her better chance of employment in the years to come. ( what a fabulous gesture ! )
 This tapestry ( embroidery ) is on display in Kendal during the summer months and parts of it travel around UK during the other months so more people get to see. ( go if you get the chance )

Also while staying at Bowness on Lake Windermere we visited the shop and display of Beatrix Potter.
 ( she lived across the otherside of lake windermere )
I purchased this tea towel ( folded up in photo ) a length of this fabric which I intend to make into a quilt in due course.
 In the shop as it was a rainy afternoon many blokes were there with their wives and families. I was most amused to see them all picking up books and saying, " Oh, this was my favourite one" and reading sections out loud. If you saw the movie ( - I did ) we got off the train at that same station as Miss Potter several times and the views of the lakes and countryside is so beautiful.


Nicky said...

Oh what treasures you have seen! I am more than a little envious, but also happy that you enjoyed your trip so much.

The Herbalist's Cottage said...

ahhh sigh - oh all the places to see one day.
Loving reading of your trip
Love Leanne

molly said...

You didn't happen to run into Mr. McGregor or Peter Rabbit, did you? I wonder what modern young women, in general, would do with a bag of scraps and some needles? I think folks back then were much more enterprising and motivated than today.....Lovely hearing of all your adventures!

Laurie said...

Oh Ali reading your blog is like taking a trip home not only the south but the lakes as well this was our favorite place... When in the UK between overseas postings we went in NOvember every year to stay at Waters Edge Ambleside just around the lake from Windermere... Visited Hill Top, Near Sawry the home of Beatrice Potter every time as well I do envy you this part of your trip.
What wonderful memories you are going to have.
I am improving and can drive now okay.. pain has subsided unless I bend the wrong way or sneeze.
Hugs Laurie

Meggie said...

What a wonderful trip. I hoped to see some quilt shops, but alas, only visited one.