Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Special Treats.

At the rate I am going I can see this will take me weeks to cover all the places we went and things we did. I am not sticking to the order things happened; just randomly picking topics. Here is a special one.
On the final Saturday afternoon in London V had booked a special girls treat - High Tea at the Dorchester. Wasn't I spoilt? I've  never been anywhere quite that posh. You can tell by the front gardens that they take pride in how they do things.
We were warmly greeted and slid into our chairs; large white linen serviettes placed on our laps. First we had pink champagne with a tasty something on a big spoon that was placed in one bite into our mouths Yum!
 After deciding which teas were would sample ( the Dorchester afternoon tea is a good place to start Madam. ) We were presented with a tray of sandwiches. 6 different with 6 different breads.( so, so fresh ) They were small and truly delicious. When V said she was a vegetarian they raced off and came back with a different selection for her. Predictable I know but the cucumber one was the tastiest.( closely followed by the egg, chicken salmon and ham )
 That was followed by scones plain and fruit with jam and cream.( getting full now ) more tea, a peppermint brew this time.
 Then "ta da" the sweet treats arrived. Look first. Surreptitiously take their photo they are so pretty.
We ate half each of each except the 5th one was too much.( the one left was at the front )."Would Madame care to take it with you?"      " Oh no I don't think so thank you." The flower arrangements were divine ( and everywhere ); the visit to the ladies room was everything you might imagine ( has it's own attendant )To get there walk down a passageway with display windows of expensive items to buy. We had been there for 2 hours and drunk a lot of tea. Before we left I got cheeky and asked the manager on duty if he had a card I could take now have a very flash silver embossed Dorchester card. Thanks V it was a magnificent outing and I would do it again any time.

 J also planned a treat for all 4 of us. First a quick yummy dinner at Waggamama then  knowing I like Queen he chose to take us to "We Will Rock You, "( the musical Queen by Ben Elton, at the Dominion Theatre.( on Tottenham Court Road ) What a brilliant spectacle. What a loud spectacle. ( 10 % too loud for me) but hey I loved it. I knew all the songs but have never seen them performed like that.What a shame Brian May wasn't there in person ( once a year he is )
It was an awesome experience.
Thanks J.


Deb said...

Ali, it certainly sounds like a fabulous time alright.

Deb said...
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Helen said...

High Tea at the Dorchester! Now that is what I call a real treat. How fab.

molly said...

It's all so casual here, it would be a treat to go somewhere so truly posh! Just once....Sounds like a wonderful treat.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! How very exciting! The tea sounds wonderful. And Queen!!! Could you still hear after the show???