Friday, January 22, 2016

Good Day for a Picnic.

By tradition, our Tauranga Patchwork & Quilting Group start the year by having a picnic at Kulim Park. The weather was brilliant. 
 We sit and talk and stitch or knit or just relax.
 Most of us haven't seen each other since early December so there is plenty to chat about.
 Every year I take photos and they are never wonderful as the light and shade contrast is too great.  Notice in the background a train going by. The ground trembles and we have to stop talking till the train is gone. This happened 5 times while we were there.

  Before lunch the tide was well in but by the time a friend and I had been for a walk mid afternoon it was way out.
 Every one else went home early ( probably for Nana naps )  so M and I walked along the waterfront from Kulim Park to Ferguson Park and back along this walkway.
 Along the way is a very large tree with hollows in it big enough for kids to hide inside.
 Very pleasant to have a day out.


Chookyblue...... said...

what a great idea.......looks like a good turn out.......

Jennifer said...

Love that tree!