Thursday, February 04, 2016

Bench Basting my Quilt.

When we did major kitchen alterations 11 years ago I made sure I got one very long bench with no sink  or appliances in it. I did this with quilting in mind.

 I am now quilting my small Jewel Box quilt . Here is how I went about bench basting it.
 I lay it on the carpet to cut out my batting. from a larger piece.
 Using masking tape I smoothed out my backing fabric wrong side up. ( in this case it is a batik so made little difference ) and stuck it to the bench.
 I then smoothed the batting over the top and then the (flimsy ) quilt top over that . 3 layers. ( like a sandwich, hence the term sandwiching a quilt.)
 Using curved safety pins I then secured the 3 layers every 10 or so centimetres. At this stage I leave the pins undone.  I try and place the pins away from the seam lines as my first quilting stitches will be in the ditch.When it is pinned all over I rip off the masking tape and turn all 3 layers now firmly adhering to each other over.
 I check the back and adjust any pins by pining from the wrong  or backing side and feel underneath with my hand and take the pin I am moving away.

 I do this all over till the backing fabric is lying totally smooth with no tiny wrinkles. I then flip the whole thing back to the front and repeat the inspection for wrinkles.
 When happy it is as I want it I close all the safety pins.
 The sandwiched and pin basted quilt can now be moved around freely for quilting.
 So far I have done one half hour session quilting it.  I firstly stitch in the ditch ( seam line ) in one direction, then the opposite way width wise and lengthwise. This secures the quilt and some pins can be removed.

No wrinkles. No sore knees from basting on the floor.


Jennifer said...

I like your jewel box quilt......and I specially love the backing fabric!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks Jennifer, everyone who has seen the quilt seems to like the colours. I thought the backing was lovely in its own right.

Julie said...

Pretty colours in your quilt. I shall try that on my cutting table, I guess to another plus doing it this way, is that I can leave it there until i finish it, rather than having to move it out of children's, husband's and a cats path.

Deb said...

Love your quilt. How sensible considering your quilts when redoing your kitchen. I can assure you it wouldn't even enter my mind.

Françoise said...

Beautiful quilt!
I too love this... kitchen renovation with quilt basting in mind. Wonderful!
Have a nice weekend.