Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lovely Visit.

A very special little person, has just been for his second visit for 4 nights . His Mum and Dad came too. One day was very wet so we were glad when the sunshine came back and the washing line could look like this.
 Today's nappies are much more colourful on the line than in my day when I had 2 little boys...... Big white squares which were fastened with safety pins.
 Of course I took lots and lots of photos. One can never have too many photos  or little videos of ones Grandson!( I can play the videos on my phone when he has gone home! )
 At 4.5 Months he now likes to see the world so we put on his sun hat and his Dad took him for a walk in the garden.

 I happen to think he is rather cute and he already has the good grace to laugh his head off when I am playing games with him. So clever too probably.


Jennifer said...

He is a cute little guy indeed! Looks like a happy little feller, too.

Helen said...

how lovely. he is super cute

Deb said...

OMG how adorable is he. I love those nappies, do they go over disposable or are they the whole thing? How wonderful if they are the whole thing.

Ali Honey said...

Hi Deb, The nappies are the whole thing - washable . Several different brands. Some were new some handed on by friends. Quite an outlay to buy at the start but then that's it, just wash and reuse.

Mary said...

"Rather cute" - I think perfectly adorable cute!!!!

How nice to be able to hang out the wash - sunshine does such a wonderful job drying and adding fresh fragrance
to everything.

Hugs - Mary

notHamilton said...

Lovely pics - thanks for sharing. What a cutie indeed.

The lil baby clothing and nappies do look very cute on the line don't they - well at the start they do. 500 loads later at least the lil person is still cute :)