Monday, February 08, 2016

Quilts Flapping in the Breeze.

After lots of rain recently the weather cooperated for the Garden Party at Katipatch yesterday. The day was breezy and the quilts flapped out and touched the viewers which was amusing as the signs said "Don't touch the quilts."

 I will show you the quilts that most appealed to me. None were named so I can't tell you who made them.
 Loved the colours!
 Rocky Tims Idea? 
 Again very pleasing colours. It really made the focal point stand out.
 The varying tones of blue in denim.
 Click to enlarge to see the detail here.

 A view through the  Trellis and surrounding garden.

An advent calendar with little pockets.

Some of Eddie's potted fruit trees.
 As expected I met up with lots of ladies who quilt. A small group of us sat in the shade of the big copper beech tree and ate a pleasant lunch we purchased from local church ladies who were catering there. I perused the sales tables and made some purchases.  ( things I could make myself but I enjoy buying from others and the items were very well made  ) 
.At Carol's shop I bought a lovely pack of blue Bali pops batiks pre cut strips with a new project in mind, and some threads and pieces of felt in colours I am short of.

  I made my way home  early afternoon and  R was just finishing cooking up a large pot of tomato paste. We have lovely tomatoes ready and they may split with all the rain so needed using. 

 We later had friends from Matamata call in to return loaned books and stay for a catch up. They came over the hill to go to the movies in Tauranga.
 A very pleasant day off for me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Pam said...

Beautiful, but your quilt in the previous post is even prettier, in my opinion.

I'm fascinated that you wrote "do messages". That's a very Scottish expression! An English person wouldn't ever use "messages" are in this context, I don't think.

Chookyblue...... said...

What a lovely day in the garden......

loulee said...

Love that advent calendar. What a lovely day for airing the quilts.

Jennifer said...

I would have enjoyed it, thank you for the photos!