Sunday, March 13, 2016

Apple Anyone?

Today we picked any apples left on the tree as a possum was getting altogether too greedy and eating about 4 per night. Some were just nibbled and so the wasps had found them. 
 They are Royal Gala  and the tree was planted in 2010.  It is the first really good crop we have got. Some I have cooked - no sugar needed . The last lot I cooked  I bought a punnet of blackberries to go with them.
 The little black marks on some of them was caused by hail damage at the end of last year.
 The heaviest one weighed 403 grams.
 The White Niagara Grapes are also ready. We cam smell them when we walk out the lounge door. They are sweet and we have a good crop.

 We also did our final for this season Avocado pick for the local NZ market. Avos are quite scare  apparently so the price is up.

 Just a little sewing has happened. I decided to try and make a Taggie for Grandson.
 Here it is partly done.
 6 squares 3.5", some short lengths of tape or binding firmly sewn into the seam first then the seam sewn below the first stitching. The trickiest part is getting the final square sewn in.
 I then stuffed it with wool batting scraps I had and hand sewed the final seam.

 Stuffing something cubed is more difficult than something round or ball shaped.The stuffing has to be encouraged into the corners.
 If you haven't seen one before the tags are to make the object easy to grasp for baby hands.  ( and to chew I imagine ) I have seen tags on little blankets and balls and other random shapes.


Jennifer said...

I like Royal Gala apples! Love the taggie idea, I hadn't heard of that.

Diane-crewe said...

your apples look so good .. I can almost smell them from here xx lol x

Raewyn said...

Love this Autumn harvesting time of the year! Good on you beating the possom! The taggie 'ball' is a great idea, I'n sure your grandson will enjoy it.

molly said...

Had never heard of a taggie but it certainly looks like something a baby would enjoy feeling and chewing on... Just looking at thoser apples makes saliva squirt through my teeth!