Thursday, March 31, 2016

Grandson's Hats.

 Last time I showed this navy blues hat. It was then followed by the next size in aubergine colour.
 It was delivered to Grandson last weekend when we visited.
 Here he is in his front pack wearing his sun hat as it was a lovely hot day. But colder days are coming so the warm wool beanies will be needed.
 He is growing fast and is as adorable as ever . Here he is at bath time.

 At the moment I have stopped knitting for him and  have made some charity hats. A young friend is going to Nepal in a couple of weeks and needs beanies for children at an Orphanage she is going to volunteer at. Any size or colour is acceptable - so I am using up those scraps.
 Just before Easter we had quite a storm which started the feijoas falling - some before they were ready or big enough. They are okay but not as sweet yet as they can be. I have found a recipe for a feijoa and ginger cake which I am off to make now. I will tell you if it's any good.


Deb said...

Oh Ali, that little man is adorable. You just want to snuggle him to bits.

notHamilton said...

That boy is so cute. Lovely photos - thanks for sharing.
Same goes for the feijoas... ha ha!

molly said...

Very cute beanie for a very cute little fellow! He's lucky to have such a talented Grandma....