Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Finish & a Quilt.

Yesterday I got Grandson's V necked cardigan sewn up and buttons on all ready to send off to him. It is size 6-12 months in Zarina merino  4 ply.  The Pattern Sublime 6100. It also has the same garment as a waistcoat ( sleeveless ). The Pattern  goes up to 3 year old size. It was lovely to knit.  My least favourite part is the sewing up.
 I have started a dedicated hard covered book for Knitting only. So ALL my notes are in one place. There I record every detail I think may be relevant in the future. I managed to look back and put in some of the knitting I have done since the beginning of 2015.( all Baby knitting ). Hopefully then if another garment is needed in the exact same size I will have the correct details. ( At the moment there are pics on this blog and in my pictures and notes in my diary and on Ravelry .)

 At my Patchwork group on Friday there were lots of finished quilts to show off in Show and Tell.
 This was my favourite. Made by Rae.( she is happy for me to show you this photo ) 
 It is a Ngaire Brook's pattern. Ngaire is the NZ designer of many lovely patterns . Some of you saw a quilt on this blog back in 2011 that you liked called Winter Maze . I didn't make it a friend did, But many of you have been requesting the pattern from me. I am trying to get more information for you as Rae who made this quilt is her cousin.


Our kiwifruit is still not picked, but is now ready ( mature enough to taste good and store well )
 This is a data logger I was asked to hang in the orchard that is recording temperature. Lots of orchards are doing the same. Fruit will be sampled after picking to see how temperature and pre cooling and cool storage  relate to taste and keeping ability.

 Last weekend this lovely Anthurium  ( Flamingo Flower ) was delivered to my door. That was a pleasant surprise.
 I am off now to slice persimmons  and experiment with dehydrating them. Never tried that before, but I have a surplus and this might be a way to keep some long term?


molly said...

Beautiful knitting Ali! My mother and aunts always knit little sweaters and jackets as baby gifts. Unfortunately any baby wearing such in Florida would melt!

Beautiful quilt! No, not asking for the pattern, just hoping I live long enough to finish the quilts I've started!

Digitalgran said...

How you have time to do such a lot of lovely work is beyond me Ali.
I have just found Persimmons in our shops and love them, but the last I bought were not ripe enough even though it said 'ready to eat' on the pack.