Saturday, May 21, 2016

It Must Have been Hiding.......

It must have been hiding in my fabric cupboard  - my Mojo - Not a word I usually use but others do - My inspiration enthusiasm to sew. ( maybe it had something to do with time or other distractions like knitting....  kiwifruit .....maybe it was just time to start a new project.)
Many of my fellow quilters from our club are off at Papamoa at Retreat. As I am not, I am allowing myself almost all day today and yesterday and maybe tomorrow to sew ...make parts for my new Garden Hex idea. The more I do the more ideas keep springing to mind. That's good! Already my original vision has morphed into something else.

 The first flower hex I made I backed with a green fabric...from there I moved to backing it with its own fabric( as in poppies above ) . I have made various blocks that might give the impression of being stems and leaves by joining strips. I will be doing both those ideas. I will also be making joined fabric flower hex, that way when I haven't enough of a fabric I can use what I have.
 What I really like about this is when I lay out the hex if one really doesn't look right it can be removed and become a mug coaster or jug cover. It's far too soon yet to tell which are keepers and which aren't.
 I did discover there are very few leaf / foliage fabrics available in the shops at the moment.( I have looked on line at my 4 favourite shops too )  I have more in my cupboard...mainly from the bias strip stems I made for my big Kim McClean quilt.
 I will be on the look out for more florals ( real flowers ) and more green vegetation fabrics.
 These are unsewn ones with joined flower and greenery.
 Any way I am on a roll with this project.


 Here is my dehydrating experiment before and after.
 Kiwifruit; feijoas ; banana; persimmon and apples.
 Apples are the easiest and stick to the trays less.

 All are a success .

I have to show you this. Grandson in his buggy early in the morning wearing his new blue v neck cardigan, tucked under his green blanket. Both made by me.


molly said...

This hexagon project is appealing to me . Sounds like something you could work on in the evening watching TV! I also love anything scrappy!

That little fellow looks so cute in his granny-made gear....

Joolz said...

Your grandson looks as snug as a bug!

Ali Honey said...

Yes Molly I do the pinning down of the backing to the front around the hexagons and also the sewing down of that part.
I also have to have cutting sessions and fabric joining sessions on the machine.

Diane-crewe said...

its hard when you feel you "SHOULD" be using all the "stuff" you have .. but just cannot bring on the enthusiasm .. then that feeling that comes over you when YOU DO.. want to get in there x wonderful x
LOVE the smiley grandson .. they seem to grow even quicker when they are grandchildren than your own did!! lol x