Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Is it Autumn ?

 Is it Autumn ? Some plants are very bright like this azalea.

 Some deciduous leaves are red but not all. This dogwood is and the oaks.
 But the nights have been mild and so kiwifruit harvest is delayed for all orchards in our area. Even the usually early ones. ( we are normally mid to late ) 
 We got our test results back and our kiwifruit are almost ready. The dry matter is good for this year but not as good as some other years. No ones' orchard is. The pack houses are struggling to get ready fruit.
 Still that's Mother Nature being different.

Things are still growing.

 White butterfly caterpillars are appearing daily on my new seedlings so I am inspecting and squashing.


 I only just updated this computer to Windows 10 and am coping with everything OK but photo down loads from my Samsung phone. Any one out there who can help? .....or give useful advice. It was working OK  on 8.1 but not any more. As I take lots of photos this is a big time waster and hugely frustrating. I'd be glad of your suggestions please. 

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