Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finally the Kiwifruit got Picked.

 Finally it was our turn to get the pickers for our kiwifruit crop. Here are some of the many pickers and drivers. If they are wearing a fluoro jackets they are  drivers of trucks or tractors or they are supervisors or forklift drivers or us the growers.

 The bottom of the picking bag unhitches downward so the fruit get gently let out.
 Part of the tractor driver's job it to level the bins ,pick out any leaves or any missed stalks.
 A supervisor, 2 tractor drivers and a gang boss all levelling the bins before they get transported back to the loading area to get a bin card stapled on and then loaded onto a truck to go across town the the pack house.
 This is a part I do. Write the date ( 11/6 or 12/6  ) (  being the day and month ) the bin was picked, and tear them off in 3s. 3 bins come on each trailer from down the orchard.
 These 3 bins have just been slid off the tilting trailer as it drives forward.
 3 empty bins then get put on the trailer.
 The forklift is meant to put them on one by one but the drivers get impatient and tip them 
from a stack of 3  forward onto their trailer( they are quite heavy ) 
 We all had a good laugh when one tractor driver took off up the driveway going to block 3 but he forgot to shut his tail gate that holds the bins in place so they all fell off one after the other. He was a little while coming back to collect them ( he didn't notice or hear  that they fell off.)

 Oh Dear. maybe it was the bins. I can't get them up the right way either!

The Forkie loading full bins onto the truck.The bins have tie down straps to keep them from moving.
 There was a lady picking gang boss but she was camera shy.

 We dodged any showers and even had sun some of the time.
 A record number of bins got picked. We far acceded our best total ( last year ) so that's very pleasing. I wonder how well it will pack out? We will find that after a few days. The bins of fruit are curing at the pack house for 3 or 4 days before being packed.


Digitalgran said...

I find all this so interesting Ali and always think of you when I eat Kiwi fruit. Now I'm the same with Persimmon my new favourite. We only get very small ones just now.

Janice said...

Great to see that the picking went well. I hope they are all top grade.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Thankyou , all of you !
The only trouble is , I now feel obliged to buy a big bagfull this afternoon ...

Ali Honey said...

That's good ....we need customers. I hope you find some tasty ones.

Chookyblue...... said...

it's always wonderful once the harvest is in......no matter what the product..........