Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Grandson & Flowers and Slippers and Books......

A Grandson and slippers and books and flowers ...these are a few of my favourite things (  as the song goes  - well I changed the words )( doesn't really scan does it ?)
 As I said yesterday I have been spoiled with gifts and greetings and Good Wishes. Thank you all. The picture shows part of what my sister gave me. A fabulous keepsake Gift box the blurb says. It is a set of 80 cards and envelopes. (Classic  flower paintings by Pierre Joseph Redoute ) I may never have to buy another card. ( although not really the sort of art cards I like to give. ) The box is very reusable with 4 separate compartments. 

I was given a voucher for a neck and shoulder massage - never had one of those before .*I will report back when I used it.

 I have lovely new warm Mahabis slippers on.( tried to give you a link but it won't work )
 R gave me the book, The Girl With Seven Names ( A North Korean Defector's story ) by Hyeonseo Lee( with David John ). I will report on that when I have read it.

 Yesterday afternoon I cleared and dug a big space for my new David Austin rose called Princess Alexandra of Kent.
 I dug out lots of invasive dark pink wind anemones (the very invasive ones  - not the nice pale pink or white ones ) I prepared the soil with sheep pellets and some Nitrophoska Blue .
 I have high hopes it will do well.( I lost some of my roses earlier this year when some spray from down a bank crept up to their roots.. R was killing agapanthus and the roses weren't supposed to be hit. Luckily that has never happened before. ) 

Now for some Grandson photos from the weekend. He is 8 months old now.
 He is very capable of feeding himself ...seen here eating pear slices.

 Having his bath in front of the fire. Note the new protective railings right around it. ( good for airing and drying too. )
 The kiwifruit picking is now only days, maybe hours away now. It rained this morning so please all will us some fine weather.


molly said...

8 months worth of cute!
My f-i-l once met Princess Alexandra and reported that she was a lovely person. Hope the namesake roses do well for you!

Françoise said...

What a cute little boy!